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A website in the memory of Mitchel Weiser & Bonnie Bickwit

New York when she vanished on July 27, 1973 with her boyfriend, Mitchel Weiser. Mitchel was working as a photographer’s assistant in Brooklyn.

A Website in Memory of

Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit

Bickwit and Weiser planned to hitchhike to attend a concert festival, Summer Jam featuring The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead in Watkins Glen, New York.

The concert is believed to have been the largest in history, with over 800,000 people showing up. Weiser met Bickwit at Camp Wel-Met and they set off for the concert, which was 156 miles from Narrowsburg.

Neither has been seen since. It is believed that Weiser and Bickwit had approximately $25 between them.

They carried backpacks, sleeping bags, and a cardboard sign that read “Watkins Glen.” They were last seen hitchhiking along State Route 97.

Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit have been missing for 50 years. Bonnie Bickwit was working as a mother’s helper at Camp Wel-Met in Narrowsburg, New York when she vanished on July 27, 1973 with her boyfriend, Mitchel Weiser. Mitchel was working as a photographer’s assistant in Brooklyn. Mitchel and Bonnie planned to hitchhike to attend a concert festival, Summer Jam featuring The Allman Brothers and the Grateful Dead in Watkins Glen, New York. The concert is believed to have been the largest in history, with over 600,000 people showing up.Mitchel met Bonnie at Camp Wel-Met and they set off for the concert, which was 156 miles from Narrowsburg. Neither has been seen since. It is believed that Weiser and Bickwit had approximately $25 between them. They carried backpacks, sleeping bags, and a cardboard sign that read “Watkins Glen.” They were last seen hitchhiking along State Route 97.
A Website in Memory of Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit
Missing since 1973

It is believed that Weiser and Bickwit had approximately $25 between them. They carried backpacks, sleeping bags, and a cardboard sign that read “Watkins Glen.” They were last seen hitchhiking along State Route 97.

Authorities initially believed that the couple simply ran off together. Bickwit and Weiser had secretly exchanged wedding rings earlier in the summer of 1973.

Both were intelligent teenagers who attended John Dewey High School, a Brooklyn alternative school for gifted, high-achieving students. Bickwit lived in Borough Park with her family when she was not working at Camp Wel-Met; Weiser lived in Midwood.

Both Bickwit and Weiser are from stable, middle-class Jewish families.


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Mitchel and Bonnie left Narrowsburg, NY on July 27, 1973. They had planned to hitchhike to Watkins Glen, NY to see Summer Jam. Summer Jam was a concert that featured The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead and The Band. It is estimated that between 600,000 and 800,000 people attended the show. The two teens never made it back home to Brooklyn. Did they even make it to the concert?

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  1. This website is long overdue. I created it to have a permanent home for the memory of Mitchel and Bonnie. Please share your thoughts, memories and love for the both of them.

    • Have anyone checked the possibility that they were victims of notorious NY serial killer Robert Garrow, who was active at that time? Probably, but still I mention it because my childhood friend Danny Porter and his girlfriend were murdered by him in the summer of 1973 under eerily similar circumstance….a young couple camping in the mountains. Danny’s body was discovered, but Susan’s was hidden. She was perhaps abducted alive for sexual purposes and murdered some days later.

      • I remember another case I read about a couple years ago. Some teenage boy went to see a Greatful Dead concert with a truly tiny amount of money in his pockets and never came back. Same story, different boy. Many serial killers were active at the time. Hitchhiking is dangerous. A girl went missing this way in my country. Hopefully, friends and relatives will one day find out.

      • I am so sorry for your loss. I cant imagine how hard that has been for you, their family and friends…Decades later doesn’t stop the pain I am sure.

    • The 2cents Infucener
      What if?Bonnie and Mitch found themselves in the area around narrowsburg near Watkins Glen.Bonnie was the one who went to the summer concert. In effect, they separated and where not “lovebirds”.Mitch stayed behind and started his new life in this area.Once Bonnie got to the concert with new freinds where no one could “vouch” for her whereabouts at the conert.She also started her new life from the concert

      • From what I read both were extremely close to their families. Also the probability that they both went their separate ways to start a new life but never went back home is very low. Using Occam’s Razor, they were sadly most likely murdered. Of course it would be nice to think that they are alive and simply wanted a new life but it would be shocking if that was the case.

      • As a nice “what if” thought but at some point logically thinking they would miss their tightnit families n reach out to them if only by mail or phone after years of separation. Why would they want their parents to be in torment the rest of their lives not knowing what happened? There doesn’t seem to be any ugly secrets hiding in a closet with either family to warrant such a sudden shift of location and personality to simply just choosing not to come home ever again.

        Similarly the idea that they eloped and ran off to start a new life together doesn’t truly fit this scenario either. Why would they not want their families to know that they eloped n started a new life together? That seems unlikely that they would want their families to suffer not knowing.

        I’d love a deeper analytical look at all of the facts of this case including law enforcement shrugging off the 2 families concerns over their abrupt vaninishings. Lots definitely were missed. Everyone deserves to know what happened and their bodies to be brought home to be laid to rest with their families who loved them.

    • Stuart – Thank you for the site. I’m a native New Yorker (Queens, then Long Island), and I’ve been following this story since the beginning. It’s unbelievable to me that 50 years have passed, and that Bonnie and Mitch are still missing. I’m so fervently hoping that the NY TIMES article helps jog a memory, or stir a conscience, or change the status quoin some way to resolve this. In the meanwhile, I still keep you all in my prayers.

    • Has anyone been able to find detailed descriptions of what either pair were wearing the day they disappeared? It got me thinking that maybe if we knew that we could cross reference that with Jane and John doe corpses found after skeletal progression had happened or decay was too far along?

    • I only read about all this now online in the Rolling Stone magazine. I’m in Ireland, and as a 62 year old mother of a son I can at least a little relate to how the families of the couple must feel. The negligence of the authorities is more than shocking, and it’s mind-boggling that nobody has been taken to task and punished for it. Such pain caused by it and the families and friends have to still bear it.

      I sincerely hope with all my heart that one day soon the mystery will be solved, and closure and peace will be found by the families and friends. My thoughts are with you.

  2. This wonderful website is a real gift to Bonnie and Mitchell’s family and friends! It is incredibly touching to me that their friends have never forgotten them and continue to keep their memory alive. They were very much loved! Bonnie was 10-years-old when I got married, so I never knew any of you the way Susan knew Mitchell’s friends. I have grieved these many, many years privately and have had the support of my own dear friends. Our family members hold loving memories of Bonnie forever in their hearts. I never really knew how deeply their disappearance touched the lives of their friends until the tree planting ceremony and now, this website. My mom is 86 now and she does her best to stay positive and healthy. There are no words to explain how the loss of her wonderful, smart and affectionate daughter has affected her life. My dear, sweet, generous, upbeat and devoted dad passed away in 1979 still clinging to the belief that Bonnie and Mitchell would one day return. We have tried to find closure with the scenario offered by the witness who came forward after the MSNBC show aired despite a lack of proof. That is the choice we have made after all these years.

    Thank you for all you do and for sharing your thoughts and keeping their memory alive. Some of you probably have children of your own now who are the age Bonnie and Mitchell were when they disappeared.
    Sheryl Kagen (Bonnie was my only sibling)

    • I’m so sorry for the agony your family has struggled through with this whole ordeal. It is obvious they were highly respected and well loved and it would be good to get some closure.
      A few things come to mind.
      Did Allyn Smith ever draw the bridge he couldn’t seem to find? A drawing would surely be recognized by someone if indeed his story was really true. Maybe they met foul play at his and the van driver’s hands.
      Have the families ever thought about suing the departments that were responsible for investigating, but never really did? That might light a fire under their butts and also, it would likely become national news if it could gain some serious momentum. I just learned of this case today, but this is a case people would want to know about and see through to the end. Those departments need to be held to some sort of responsibility for their dismissive and neglectful attitudes and their mismanagement of any evidence. National eyes on this case might be the thing that would really open this case up and get some finality to it, especially since so many people have never really heard about it. You may already know this, but may O ask and share something in case you don’t? I don’t know how your family feels about God, many people in these situations start out praying in hope, for a good outcome, but as time goes by their hope fades and often times, so does their trust in God. Many aren’t aware that there is a difference between hoping and believing, when it comes to praying. Many “hope” in prayer, but don’t really understand that they must “believe” in prayer that God will come through for them. Praying in faith, “believing” God WILL bring answers will make all the difference in the world. This kind of belief means to continue to belief, even when it seems impossible, or even when it seems like nothing is changing. It means not putting a time limit on God, but to trust Him anyway. If you don’t already, I pray that this will benefit you and your families prayers, where these two beautiful souls are concerned. Hugs.

      • What kind of judgemental crazy person tells families of clearly dead teenagers that the problem is that their faith in a religion they may not even follow wasn’t adequate. Absolutely disgusting. Keep that horrid nonsense to yourself.

    • I stumbled across an article about this case on Google. I have no information, but have you thought about making a TikTok page about them? TikTok has SO MANY people who circulate stories like this, in real time, it gets shared and moves pretty fast. I think you might have some luck with it. I hope you find them

  3. I first heard about this case on Websleuths which led me to this wonderful site.
    I was aproximately the same age as Boniie and Mitch in 1973 I remember those times well.
    Also I have a 15 year old son of my own now.
    He’s a musician in his older brothers band and with the way he dresses and his long hair he looks like a time traveler from 1973 himself.
    When I looked at the photos in the gallery I couldnt help but imagine how I would feel if my son left one day and never came back.
    I would like to think I would have the strength to carry on that Mitch and Bonnie’s family have shown but I cant imagine overcoming the devatation that I
    I would feel.
    This case has really touched my heart.
    Ive got to say that I have some real serious problems with Allyn Smiths story.
    Especially his ‘inabilty’ to remember where this occured…
    If you saw something like that you would never forget never.
    Also in the 80 mile stretch between Watkins Glenn and Narrowsburg are their really that many places where ‘River of No Return’ scenario like that could take place?
    I live in pretty rugged country in the pacific northwest and in late July there arent even that many places near my home wherethat type of thing could happen.
    Also I think his stoned hippie driver with the period perfect ‘VW Van’ sounds like a stock character of the imagination.
    I do think that this case is solvable.
    Bonnie and Mitch probably encountered a lot of people on the way to Watkins Glenn considering the throng hat was headed in the same direction.
    However in the aftermath especially in those pre internet pre sateltie Tv days most of the people strugling home probably never heard about the disappearence.
    Thats why I think this site is so valuable.
    Please if you know anyone who was at Watkins Glenn or has photos from that event,please let them know about this case urge them to look at their old pictures.
    It only takes the right person to hear about this to provide the answer these poor families have been waiting for since 1973.
    That is way to long.
    Its obvious Bonnie and Mitch were very exceptional kids.
    They are not forgotten.
    Please keep this case in mind.

  4. I was researching something else entirely and came accross the information that
    Led Zepelin was playing Madison Square Garden weekend.
    *Sigh* what if…

  5. Mitchel was my only brother and I have missed him for 35 years. Thank you Stuart – This website is wonderful as it brings him back to existence in some way. For our family and most of his friends there has been no closure – just left open questions that leave us – just where we were in August 29 – Monday morning waiting for him to come home. The answers we started to get after the MSNBC show left many questions dangling in the air. Questions that could still be investigated. What we need is someone in law enforcement willing to take on this open cold case. We hope that the universe opens up and gives us resolution. Always missing you – your sister,Susan (Weiser Liebegott)

    • I am so very sorry for your loss. It is hard enough to lose someone but to then have LE simply ignore their responsivities is heartbreaking. I know that the 50 year anniversary just passed and hope that law enforcement has decided to make this case a priority.

  6. There are alot of leads that could still be pursued.
    Im sorry but from what Ive read of the treatment the families got from the original’investigators’ athorough and exaustive fresh look at the case is the least that could be done.
    It troubles me that so many people seem to think Alynn Smith’s ‘story’ is the final word on the subject.
    Im sorry I dont accept that.
    Best wishes and Prayers to you and your family Susan

  7. Bonnie was my first cousin and was very much loved by her extended family. There will always be a place for her in all of our hearts. And, to this day, we miss her very much and she is in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for doing this. With deepest appreciation, Ellen Herold

  8. i worked with mitch in he silver lake kitchen -his disappearance -to me -makes no sense-but im glad that there is a web site to honor his and bonniie’s life

  9. I ran across this site almost by accident. I had heard about Bickwit and Weiser from Websleuths and also on The Charley Project and the Doe Network. My husband, although younger than bickwit and Weiser, was a follower of the Greatful Dead and did just like they did and went to a number of concerts. It is sad that these 2 kids were just being kids and having fun and then *poof* they are just gone. There has to be someone out there that knows something. The story about them being swept away in the river could make sense, except it seems that either some of that story is left out or is not being told for whatever reason. People just don’t vanish. Someone out there knows what happened. I hope that this website will reach someone who can shed a little light on this cold case. Bless the families of these 2 kids. May they find some peace.

  10. I was drawn here today, see what you have created? There was a solved amber alert on TV, I turned in my chair and Googled Amber Alert, got to the site, saw Bonnie’s face and clicked from there through this journey. What made me pick her, out of the many faces of NY missing, down the right side of the page? Ah, another breadcrumb, like Hansel and Gretel, leading me home. I was 12 in 1973, I am 47 in 2009; my son, 20. I would become a hippie chick, I hitchhiked in spite of myself, barefoot, dirty. As soon as I could, I took off to California, wreaking havoc there. All the while, my sweet mother and father, barbecued on an electric fence, over and over with each child’s adventures, starting with my oldest brother who was the wildest of the wild. When he was 16, he was gone for 63 days. My Italian mother was broken in a heap … I was eight, I didn’t understand any of it. Those days she used to go to the police over and over who would say, Please understand, there’s nothing we can do, he’s gone, maybe he’ll come back some day, but you have to leave us alone, he’s gone. There was NO Amber Alert, there was no case investigation. They routinely told parents, back then, sorry, they’re gone.

    Now a mother myself, with a very cool and smart but still vulnerable 20 year old son, who hops trains like candy and goes in and out of NYC nightclubs … who sometimes doesn’t answer his cell phone and I spin endlessly in space like a trapeze artist hurling through space letting go of one handle … no net ….

    God bless you and your family … this is all of our human condition, you have made me thankful and blessed today, you have made me realize that God spared my parents this agony, so many times when I didn’t get into the car of the man who was begging me to, and for the many times I did get in the car, on some dirty highway, of a maniac, and so many times I jumped out of moving cars …

    I think we live because of the loss of others, we weren’t chosen to die or disappear, and in some way I have to thank you and thank your family, for your strength and courage … not sure why I and we were spared but promise to spend every day grateful and in loving tribute in some small way to you and your loss.

  11. In August 1973, two teenagers from Brooklyn disappeared
    while attempting to attend a rock concert in Watkins Glen NY.

    Their names were Mitch Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit.
    Both Mitch and Bonnie were never heard from

    In 2000 their fellow students from John Dewey High School
    in Brooklyn planted a tree and installed a plaque on the school’s campus to honor
    their memory.

    The tree was planted in June of that year at a class reunion.
    The plaque was installed and dedicated in October
    of that year in a ceremony that was
    attended by family and friends.
    This is that ceremony…

  12. I always think of this case when Summer is coming on.
    35 years and counting.
    Someone out there knows.
    I pray this is the year of some real answers.
    My best wishes and prayers to the families .

    • We are now on 50 and nothing has been done. I wish LE would take this as seriously as they have other cases. It is mind boggling that after 50 years, law enforcement has barely cracked open a file.

  13. Mitch was my lab partner in Cunningham and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I think of Mitch at least once a week. Mitch’s sister: please let us know here if anything we should be doing to help you. Thank you.

  14. it’s such a coincidence i found this out this very day. never heard of this story until now. very sad

  15. In 1970, I began working at my first full-time job, Garden State Optical Lab in Saddle Brook (& later in Garfield) New Jersey. Sid Weiser was the general manager- and my boss. A very kind man.
    Soon after, I met his son Mitch, and immediately I liked him. Although Mitch was 5 years or so younger than I, he was very intelligent, and advanced for his age. He was also a wonderful kid.
    Garden State closed around 1972, and soon after, although I’ll never know how he found me, Mitch visited me at my place in Paterson N.J. With him was a girl, and although I can’t be certain, I believe it was probably Bonnie Bickwit. I remember being amazed that he’d come all the way from Brooklyn to stop by to say hi. I mean, he didn’t even drive yet!
    I never saw Mitch again. Sometime later, I found out about what happened. I’ve always wondered about Mitch, and about Sid.
    Today, I was going through some old boxes of stuff, & I found the two flyers I’d gotten back then. Today, as a father & grandfather, it’s not conceivable for me to fathom this type of horror. My prayers go out to Mitch & Bonnie’s families.
    Frederick Gasparini

  16. i started to be in contact with some Dewey folks again on facebook and i was reminded about Mitch and Bonnie. i read the story on this website and, for the first time, understood the real story. my question is this: why did Allyn Smith wait until 2000 to reveal about the river and the drowning? who exactly is he, and could he know more? i think that someone other than the police should contact him and open this up…maybe someone could refresh his memory about what river it was, or what bus line he took…it is hard to believe that he doesn’t know these things, particularly if he was on that bus…there must be a record of him being on that bus and the route it took…and the rivers it passed along the route….

    i started praying that info on them will surface…it must be devastating for the families to lose those children like that…without a trace…

  17. I knew Mitchel from Public School 153 thru Cunningham and Dewey and had their missing poster photos on my kitchen bulletin board for 15 years…a real good guy…this slow Friday at work I did a web search for them, hoping for good news. I’m so sorry for their families.

  18. I worked with mitch at silverlake,wel-met, back in ’73’- along with stu Karten, russell leisner, scott gollop and others. we all had a lot of fun. I hope that someday we will know what happened, and I hope that somehow mitch and bonnie are together somehwere in this universe- they were such great people.

  19. have you tried the vidocq society people.

    {{i do not know you but i am so sorry. i wish i cpuld think of something more helpful.}

  20. A little message from France. I hope that Mitchel and bonnie have made it and that they’re together, alive and happy.
    However, i wish you peace and harmony!

  21. I was at Wel-Met in 1973 Narrowsberg and remember Bonnie. And Mitch came up to visit and they were going to hitchhike from camp to Watkins Glen. Was not a good idea, we thought. She was at best 5 foot tall and he was not much over 5′ 5″ and 130 pounds wet. I think he never worked at Silver Lake and she was a babysitter and sometimes spent time at Birch Lodge on camp. They both seemed to be well ajusted and fairly level headed. I find it hard to believe that they left and decided not to come back; eloped or something. I hope their families find peace. I have two boys and can’t imagine how hard it must have been on their parents. The camp should never had let her leave, even for a weekend.

  22. I worked at B & B Lorry’s with Rae Bickwit, Bonnie’s mom. She was a good, quiet person who came to work each day even through her unspeakable anguish. Shortly before Bonnie disappeared, Rae’s older daughter was in a terrible car accident. Rae’s small stature contained a giant tower of strength. My thoughts and prayers are still with you.

  23. I also hitched a ride to Watkins Glen that summer from Rutland Vermont, with $20 in my pocket. I was fortunately picked up by a young girl we were both 18 yrs old, and I stayed with her on lake superior and we drove to the concert together only to split up. She had the common sense to leave. The music was memorable but THere were way to many violent people at that concert unfortunatly. It was not a 2nd woodstock. When i read the touching account of these two teens i am deeply sorry. The BIG question i have is WHY wouldn’t the police have given this Smith person who claimed they were swept away by the river a lie detector test and why didn’t they comb the river and why didn’t they pursue this deeper. I remember it as being a very dry summer and the rivers of VT and NY were low with little current. (being a fisherman i knew this), It did pour for a couple of hours that day at the concert but there were no flash floods like recent years have seen around the country. I would think that person would be key to finding the truth, why would Smith lie about it and if Smith was lying WHY?? I am sorry for all of the family and friends of these kids..did they even make it to Watkins Glen? there was a lot of people who took bad mesculin or acid and freaked out and climbed the fence bordering the west side of the track and were wandering in the woods a couple of miles away, anything could have happened out there to two teens, i was one of those who was having a bad trip and had toget away from the mob scene around the concert. did authorities take dogs around looking for their scent??seems like they really dropped the ball on the investigation.
    I hope you find the truth in your lifetime.
    sincerely, Tony

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Tony. I think you brought up a very interesting and relevant point about the water levels that summer. So why did that guy come out of the woodwork with his made up lie? If I was the police I certainly would investigate him very thoroughly.

      • Exactly what I was thinking after reading the RS piece. Police should be treating the man as a suspect. Killing two kids, feeling like he got away with it, then taking an opportunity to toy with police while getting them to close the case for good…sounds like something a narcissistic killer would do.

    • Google News showed me this story. I read the article and it leaves questions . What model and color camera did Mitch have with him that day. What color strap or case did the camera it have? Who are other employees or boss that seen Mitch the day he left work last, it was a photo shop I think I read is where worked at the time. Someone there could have known what kind o camera he had. Where exactly did the first vehicle let them off at when mitch and Bonnie hitched their first ride the day of the concert? What time was it when they were last seen by the driver who gave them the first ride? There is surely a trail of info to follow. Has any family been able to submit DNA in case they are unidentified in a database?

  24. I was 16 at the time and went to this concert. I was also a big Led Zep fan. The stories of them maybe going to the Zep concert instead don’t hold up-as I remember, everyone wanted to go to WG…it was THE thing to do then, even for a Led Zep fan. Way too much insanity was evident there, and I’m sad thinking these two disappeared while attending. I’m from the Finger Lakes area (Auburn) and I can tell you there are thousands of remote, hilly areas that could hide foul play or accidents. Thinking back, this event was just a drug-induced excuse to do anything. I am ashamed of what I saw.

  25. Watching the Etan case re opening this past weekend I am reminded again of my good friend Bonnie. I grew up with Bonnie in Boro Park. We were friends from nursery school until age 15. We went off to different HS, her to Dewey, me to FDR. The summer before she disappeared, I moved to NJ. We spent an afternoon together and vowed to keep our friendship alive though in different states. That summer I went off to my summer camp (Surprise Lake, incidentally where Susan Weiser was once my counselor and Mitch was a camper at one point). Bonnie went to Welmet. My parents sent me an article about Bonnie disappearing and I was shocked. I spent so much with Bonnie and her family. I remember when her sister was in that horrible car accident. Bonnies parents were friendly with my parents. I once had emailed Susan Weiser to check in, but we lost contact. I always felt bad about never following up with Bonnies mom. I often revisit the old neighborhood, and when I do, I always ride by Bonnies house and remember my good friend and think about all of our fun times together. Was there ever any closure? Is Ray still alive? I always think of Bonnie on her birthday, we were 9 days apart, and always attended each others birthday parties. I wish comfort and peace to the Bickwit family, they will always be in my heart.

  26. I think of Mitch and Bonnie so very often. Mitch was the kindest 15 year old boy you could meet. Sending love to the families.

  27. I was 6 at the time and my family lived 2 miles west of the Watkins Glen race track where the concert was held. We could hear the whole concert loud and clear from our open windows. We had 6 acres and a few people camped on our land without asking first, but they were peaceful and not destructive so my parents let them be.

    There is a credible story about Ted Bundy having been in Watkins Glen in 1969. From what little I can piece together, it seems unlikely that he could have been back in the area at the time of the concert in 1973, but it makes you think….

    I hope that Mitch and Bonnie are at peace wherever they may be and that the case will be solved one day soon.

  28. I knew them both. Bonnie and I were campers together and later on (1972) Mitch and I worked together in the Silver Lake kitchen. I never believed they would just run off without a trace. I still find myself thinking about them every now and again and have always hoped the families would find closure and peace.

  29. I worked at Silver Lake that year too. I was off that day and still remember watching them getting into a truck for their fist hitch After all these years I don’t know if the color of the truck was red but that is what I remember.
    Parents family and close friends should take some solace in the fact that anyone who knew them liked them and respected them, and that they live on in our memories after all these years, not because of what happened, but because of how they lived and interacted with us.

  30. I grew up with Bonnie from childhood and lived in Boro Park. Her mother and my mother Frances were good friends. I dreamt of Bonnie last night and know that this was not just a dream. I havent dreamt of her in 30 years. She told me that the perpetrator responsible for her disappearance worked in law enforcement. She even showed me the jacket that was worn by him in the 1970’s. i just checked police jackets from the 70’s and it is the identical jacket from my dream. There is no way I could have known this. I think that may expain why the dental records and files were “lost” because he did not want them to be found. I dont know what to do with this information, except that I worte to John Walsh. If anyone has an idea please let me know. and I haope that the siblings read this and respond to me. I have dreamt of dead relatives in the past, and this was not just a dream, she came to me.

  31. I was Bonnie Bickwit’s friend when we were campers at Wel-Met. I lived in Bensonhurst & she in Boro Park, and we wrote letters to each other when we weren’t in camp. I remember her fondly and was devastated when my mom showed me the front page of the New York Post (or News) when she disappeared from her trip to Watkins Glen. I pray for the families of both Bonnie & Mitch, for them to endure this tremendous loss and void in their lives. I pray for Bonnie & Mitch too, of course, and hope that one day they will come home and reunite with their loved ones.

    P.S. I believe Louise Silnik’s March 23,2013 post above, as I get dream visits as well. I hope that John Walsh answers her and law enforcement can be investigated. Please take this lead seriously.

  32. I just stumbled across this website while surfing for info on Wel-Met camps; coincidentally, today is the 40th anniversary of the disappearance of these two young people. My heart hurts for the family and friends of Bonnie and Mitch, and I hope there will someday be an answer to this mystery.

    Please do not give up hope. My grandfather’s younger brother (with his wife and three children) disappeared without a trace in the late 1930’s, leaving behind all their belongings, not even picking up his most recent paycheck. Although the rest of the family hired private detectives, they were never found. Last year my son, a skilled genealogical searcher who was researching our own family, located and spoke with the great-granddaughter of the missing couple. There had been some sort of ongoing difficulty with the wife’s family, and the couple decided just to leave it all behind. Although most of the older family members are now gone, it was a relief to those of us still living to know that they’d apparently gone on to live happy, fulfilling lives.

    That this site exists is a testament to the enduring love and commitment of the families of these two youngsters. I hope your steadfastness is rewarded with information that will let your hearts rest at long last.

  33. I was the same age as Bonnie & Mitch when I attended the Concert at the Glen in 1973. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Bonnie & Mitch, and hope that someday the mystery of their disappearance is solved, and some sense of closure is reached. Wishing them the best.

  34. I remember them talking about going, We went to Dewey together. We all used to sit on the statue or “Joe Hill”, which was the little hill on the right side of the front gate. We were the “hippies”. I have never forgotten Mitch & Bonnie.

  35. This was in the NY Post just 3 days ago-

    Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit
    JULY 27, 1973

    Bonnie Bickwit

    Forty years ago, Brooklyn teenagers Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit went to an upstate concert and never came home.

    Mitchel, then 16, of Midwood, and Bonnie, then 15, of Borough Park, set out to Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, featuring groups such as the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead and the Band.

    With $25 between them, they hit the road, hitchhiking along State Route 97. They vanished.
    Modal Trigger

    Mitchel Weiser

    At first, it was just assumed the two may have gone off to a commune somewhere — two hippies who’d eventually go straight.

    But as days have turned into decades, there’s been no sign of the two.

    Weiser’s older sister, Susan Weiser Leibgott, refuses to say Yizkor, the Jewish prayer of mourning for the dead.

    “I won’t say it until he’s found,” she told The Post. “It’s been 40 years and someone knows what happened. Someone has to come forward and say they saw something. They have to find my brother.”

    The case is being investigated by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, whose Undersheriff Eric Chaboty told The Post that the case remains open and that all leads so far “have gone nowhere.”

    Over the years, there have been intermittent efforts to refocus attention to the case. In 2000, their alma mater, John Dewey High School, held a special reunion, where an eight-foot maple tree was planted in their names.

    “I always thought they were going to turn up,” said Stuart Karten, Mitchel’s best friend who started a Web site,, to bring attention to the case. “Mitchel was a very ethical kid — almost honest to a fault. I don’t believe that they ran away or they did anything like that. I always figured foul play was involved.”

  36. I remember Bonnie very well. Spent a few summers at camp with her. She was sweet, kind, smart, and fun. After the last summer at our camp, I moved to CA. A year later, I heard the tragic news about Bonnie and Mitch being gone and no trace of them. It sent chills down my spine that day and it has haunted me for years. I didn’t personally know Mitch, but I do know if Bonnie loved him, he had to be a great guy and similar to her. My heart grieves for both Bonnie and Mitch and their families. As fellow campers, we have never forgotten Bonnie, and we have met several times over the years and talked about her and Mitch.There are no words of comfort deep enough to say to their families. I just wanted them to know, we have not forgotten about your son and daughter, sister or brother, niece or nephew, and all of their friends. We were lucky to have 6 weeks every summer to be camp friends and know the sweetness and love of Bonnie, I am certain Mitch’s friends would say the same things. I hope for an ending, if someone can come forward, someone who knows what happened or could lead to where they went missing. I know we all carry this ache in our hearts. Always and Forever with us. Love, Lynne

  37. Wow. I was sitting at my desk, as I often do, with a small statue of a cartoon dog with a tear in its eye sitting on a base that says, “Sure do miss you!” I’ve had this statue since I was 13 years old – a gift from my first girlfriend, Bonnie Bickwit. It continues to sit on my desk as a memorial.

    Bonnie and I “dated” at that time for, oh, maybe a year? I lived in Manhattan, we originally met on a party line (remember those? 🙂 I got to know a few of her friends, but as I didn’t go to school with her, don’t really remember them. Lots of long subway rides between our houses on weekends! Hanging out in the village, upstairs in her room at her house, listening to music, all that stuff from the early 70s. I did meet Mitch many times, and we all hung out together. It didn’t surprise me that after Bonnie and I stopped dating that she and Mitch became girlfriend/boyfriend. We did stay in touch some after that, mostly by phone, but the distance (all the way from Manhattan 🙂 kept us from hanging out so much.

    Summer of ’73 was the first year I didn’t go to camp, and was hanging out in the city with my first job. I went up to Watkins Glen with friends – my second Grateful Dead concert, with hundreds more to follow. It wasn’t long after that that I found out that Bonnie and Mitch were missing. I don’t remember if it was from me calling them, or Bonnie’s mother calling me, but it certainly was a shock.

    My sense of Bonnie (and Mitch) was that she would never have simply abandoned her family. She loved them dearly, regardless of any adolescent angst going on at the time. There’s just no way she would have gone all that time with not contact. I always felt that Bonnie would have become an amazing adult, socially active, and making a difference in the world. She had that spirit.

    I did call her mom a couple of years afterwards to find out if anything had been found out. She was still completely heartbroken (of course) and spend most of our conversation crying. I remember feeling pretty helpless about it all.

    Why tonight I looked at the little statue on my desk and suddenly decided to check the internet, I don’t know. I was amazed that the first thing to pop up took me right to all this info. It gratifies me to know that so many people still care and have carried the torch! Thanks to all of you that have done so, and please know that there is another person in the world that has always held Bonnie and Mitch in the highest regard, even some 44 years after first meeting them and almost 41 years after their disappearance. It was nice seeing the pictures and videos of them, as that I hadn’t had in all this time, but the recognition and memory of Bonnie’s smile and spirit were instantaneous and very much intact.

    I’m sorry I have nothing to offer in terms of what happened. I guess I always figured it was an bad hitchhiking story, and the thought of that terror in contrast to their young idealistic spirits was always horrifying to consider. I had done some long distance hitchhiking prior to that, and never did again after.

    My best wishes certainly go out to all the family and friends, and particularly Bonnie’s mom, for whatever peace can be found in the face of so many years of not knowing. I remember lots of conversations with both her parents in the times I spent at their house, always feeling welcome.

    I have always held a reverent place in my heart for Bonnie, and Mitch, and send love to them wherever they may be, whatever plane that may be on. Truly a sad loss not only to those who knew them, but for all the good they had to offer to the world.

    Lots of love from me to them, and to all of you.


  38. For anyone that might be interested, or if you even see this (not sure if anyone gets notified about posts here), I wrote a little something on my Facebook page and posted a couple of the pictures. If you’d like to have a look…

    Posted 3/20/14



  39. This story has me intrigued since the first time I have read it several yrs ago. I scour through all kinds of sites to see if they show up somewhere and have put their picture on my facebook page several times. I have some trouble believing the story of Allyn Smith who supposedly saw them drown along with the van driver and did nothing to help nor call in to report it. Meanwhile, if they indeed did drown, eventually they would have washed up somewhere and would have been found in the last 30+ yrs. so I would think. It is said that the van driver was never found which makes me think that either there was no van or Allyn was the driver of the van and somehow did not want to get into any kind of trouble.

    Something tells me in my gut that they are not wanting to be found and changed their names ASAP. Also, perhaps they did come into foul play of some kind but people do not seem to want to get involved. In the 70’s it was a time when so many would hitchhike to get places. So this would not have been something out of the ordinary. I am wondering if it would be possible to try and track down anyone who may have seen them hitchhiling towards the concert or picked them up. I have also asked any of my friends, some of them avid Dead Heads….if they have pictures to look at them and see if any of the missing people associated with this group was in them. It would give a place to start and Bonnie and Mitch were about the same age as I at that time so my friends would have been too.

    I so wish somehow something would come to me so that I can help bring closure to these two families.

    Stay strong and I am sending prayers for you all.

  40. Now, I am thinking that I have seen other cases, on the ID Channel, that their loved ones were missing, murdered, or unidentified and they called for a NEW investigation.

    First, there is a show called Disappeared on ID Channel and they showcase cases of people who have disappeared, their stories and some end in being found alive, some end in cliffhangers, but they have been found after the first airing, and others have ultimely been found deceased. This may be a good thing to do because a lot of people watch that show and channel and there also are several other shows that could be used to help. It is an idea.

    Also, there was one case where this sister would not take what the old investigators left off with so she hounded them to re-open their case and they did with some fresh eyes and ideas and the case was ultimately solved. This also is an option. I, myself is not one to take anything less then the best ending for anything and I do not think you should either. I do know it must be tough to bring this up and have to live with not knowing everyday. I do have faith that this case will be solved one day. Again my prayers to all involved.

  41. I was 16 when I went to this concert. I met a girl and spent the night with her in my tent. Next day she said her Boyfriend was going to be real angry so she left. A foggy memory after all these years but I can’t help but think “Was this Bonnie?” Probably not since there were so many people there but my thoughts of this concert always carries her memory.
    So many people there were just plain phonies; Subject to the same evil that exists today. Did this couple fall prey to one of these phonies? Likely yes and it makes me sad. I will never think about this concert without thinking of them and the shame of it is there were many selfish people there pretending to be “peace and love”. Damn few were the real thing. Guess some things never change.

    Bless these poor families who have lived with this trauma and God forgive me for once having been a stupid 16 year-old.

  42. First i ever herd of this, These people were about my age.I am soon to be 56, and am from okla. My mom wouldnt let me go to a 3 day rock festival when I was 16 and I was so angry at her. Today after reading this, I see my moms forsight and wisdom. god bless the family

  43. I just turned 56 years old on july 27th 2014, i remember my 15th birthday, Ive had a fairly hard life, 2 divorces, loss and deaths of loved ones over over, Battling my own issues, But ive had 3 kids, gotten to work and make a living, learned things and enjoyed the simple discoveries of life. Thats why im drawn to this story, I was their age and was a hippie freak.

  44. I went to Wel-Met in the 70’s and never heard of this case until it was posted on the nostalgic camp website. Of course I was only 9 in the summer of 73 and was at the Barryville branch then and in 1974. I didn’t go to Narrowsburg until 75-77 after they shut Barryville. It’s a very interesting and sad story.

  45. I went to this concert with a friend & because we got separated from our ride up from southeastern Connecticut, we had to hitchhike home. Neither of us had any idea of the quickest or easiest way home, but we lived near interstate 95, so that’s where we headed. I can’t recall all the rides, but I think one was a VW bus with all the back seats removed. There were piles of blankets and sleeping bags for any passengers to sit on, and my friend and I weren’t the only hitchhikers the driver and his friend picked up. I remember one ride with a couple of guys who planned to see Led Zeppelin at their next venue; they were heading south still when we were ready to turn north east. I didn’t know Mitchel and Bonita, but coming as I did from a similar background (stable, middle-class family; testing the waters of becoming independent) I find it difficult to believe they went off somewhere together, NEVER to contact their loved ones again. I can’t imagine, even at my most rebellious, causing my family that sort of pain. So it seems the most likely scenario is that they met with foul play. Some of the people my friend and I met on our long hitchhike home (almost 350 miles) that day were suspicious, creepy or made me feel extremely uncomfortable, but luckily for us, that was all. At around this same time frame, a friend of mine narrowly escaped from a serial killer when she lived in Florida. We just never know what’s going on in the minds of the people around us.

  46. I think we all know these two kids are gone. I just hop one day they can bring them home. But with no dental records is it even possible ? Does the families have any DNA from them ?

  47. I too believe they are probably together in heaven. My heart goes out to their families, since there is no closure or ending. I am a mother of 3 and I can’t imagine the ongoing grief that these families have to deal with. I hope they get answers and peace of mind in some way. God Bless.

  48. Lebanon county PA, state police in Jonestown are giving a news release today about a girl that was found early October of 1973. The model looks a lot like Bonnie.

  49. Responding to Ashley’s post of Oct. 8, 2025. Description of a girl found in October 1973 does not correlate with Bonnie.
    Girl is listed as between 5’6″ and 5’8″ and Bonnie was under 5 feet tall!

  50. I attended John Dewey during that time. I was two years older than Bonnie in 1973 though I did not know them. Dewey was a magical place for which I have the fondest memories. But it is not without sad and tragic events. Three beloved teachers had passed away during that time as well as the disappearance of Bonnie and Mitch. I am deeply sorry for the families’ loss and hope that someday they can get the answers they seek.

  51. I booked marked this page a few years ago and every so often return and re read the story. I believe I am a year older then Mitchel and Bonnie. I remember those days, I remember them well. It is a shame this story and I hope one day the events that took place will come to lite. I would guess foul play as another person pointed out because if they had an tragic accident along the way thier bodies would have been found.

  52. I know them well and loved them both. Bonnie was my very best friend and Mitch was a terrific friend as well. Bonnie and I spent the entire Western trip together and the whole next year commuting back and forth from Brooklyn to Great Neck, four of us (Stu included). I could not make sense of their disappearance but I did know that they would never desert their families and their friends.I don’t think I have ever dealt with or accepted their death. I am trying to connect with others who share the loss I still feel. They were great people and a great couple.

  53. barbara- I saw then- just before they left- hitchiking- from Silver Lake- wel- met I will never forget them. Mitch was a great, funny guy- we lived at green acres- at silver lake that year- so very long ago. it’s all terribly insane- but upstate- stuff like that happened- they didn’t run away I am sure- I just don’t know what happened. I don’t like to think about it.

  54. Just heard this story on the vanished podcast- my condolences to the family and friends of Mitchell and Bonnie. Has anyone ever consulted a psychic for assistance?

  55. They have aired cold cases in the past. I believe someone out there can help to solve this case . I just think that the fact cold cases are being solved after 35 years and with dna technology it is possible .

  56. Very sad story. Someone somewhere has to know what happened to Mitchel and Bonnie. Not surprised that the upstate cops didn’t do much but losing evidence is unforgivable.

  57. It’s very suspicious that they lost evidence. because we didn’t have DNA in those years . The dental records were the only way to identify them . Bonniecame to me in a dream and said it was someone in law enforcement which is why the evidence may have disappeared. I really don’t understand why either family is not contacting the I’d channel cold. Cases.

  58. This message is for Cheryl . Stuart had said he would have u contact t me about trying to air a show on the I’d channel disappeared . I really think that that my dream was acurate and Bonnie came to
    Me . I think that this case can still be solved . I’m curious if you e read my postings and what u think of my idea.

  59. I just emailed the author of the article. I am going to post here too. Could the I-95 unidentified couple found in 1976 be Mitchel and Bonnie? I think their facial features are similar. Has this match been ruled out?

  60. Aww the date they went missing is coming up =(. I wasn’t even born when they went missing but this story makes me sad that nothing ever came out of the story. I sometimes think about them from time to time…together 4ever wherever you are ♡♡♡♡♡

  61. I spent my college years in Boro Park and Flatbush/Midwood, and spent last summer in Watkins Glen. I only heard about this case today. I am very sorry that Mitchel and Bonnie never returned home from what should have been a quick trip to the concert. I know one day they will be reunited with their family and friends. I am just very sad that there has been so much unanswered and so much pain for their loved ones over the past 45 years. Blessings to you all, sending you love from England.

  62. One of my uncles and five of his buddies borrowed our family’s station wagon to take the road trip to Watkins Glen from the Philly suburbs. I was shocked that my dad was allowing that bunch of rowdies to take our car—while simultaneously frustrated I was too young to hop in and go with them!
    While searching a different matter today, I came upon this site. I don’t remember hearing the story of Bonnie and Mitchel‘s going missing after the concert—and now reaching the end of the comments I see today is Bonnie’s birthday, and felt I must add a greeting. Dear Sheryl, I am so sorry for your loss, and though I am a stranger, I celebrate Bonnie‘s life with you. (And Mitchel’s too.) Peace be with you! Ronnie

  63. Mitch was a close friend of mine; Bonnie was the girl he loved. I remember waiting in front of Dewey the first day of school that September, thinking perhaps they’d be back. My heart still aches for these two caring and beautiful kids. It still upsets me when people say they planned this or intentionally left. If you knew them, you would know it wasn’t possible. God bless Susan and the rest of the family, and all the friends at Cunningham and Dewey.

  64. God bless these two! Have the Israeli authorities ever been contacted about the possibility of them living somewhere in that country. Is it possible!?

  65. I was a camper in the Barryville branch in ’73 & ’74, then in Narrowsburg ’75-’77. I only learned of this story a few years ago. Never heard anything before then that I can remember. My gut is that they’re dead and probably met with foul play. I wish it not, but more likely than anything else.

  66. I was 8 yrs old in July of 1973 and I ran across a blog on this case just recently. I have a friend who’s daughter went missing now almost five years ago so I realize the agony. One has to wonder if they did make it to the concert but I don’t think anything about them would have really made them stand out so likely no one would have really noticed or remembered them. I’ve gone to the Grateful Dead in the 90’s and after the first 5 minutes of entering a Dead concert, everyone looks alike! I will keep they and their families and friends in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping that soon something will surface and they can have closure.

  67. This is such a sad story. Back in 73, It seems like it was the days of innocence . My best friend Steve and I hitchhiked from Barrington, Rhode Island to Walkens Glenn. Steve was 17 and I was 19, never thought a second about it being dangerous! May God bless their souls!

  68. Hard to believe it’s 50 years ago today. I remember the Watkins Glenn concert. Bonnie and I were the same age, although she 2 months older. I wanted to go but my Mom would not allow me to go. I live in Ossining, not far from where they were last seen. I pray they are at peace for only God knows what happened. May God bless them and their family.

  69. I’ve never forgotten…
    I worked for Mitch’s dad, Sid Weiser, when I was only 17 years old, for about two years. He was a wonderful guy who treated me so gently. I was at a tough point in my young life. I got to know Mitch, who bonded with me over a mutual love of music. I was amazed one day when he and a girlfriend- who very well may have been Bonnie- just turned up at the furnished room in Paterson, N.J. I was living in! How did he even find me from Brooklyn?
    After Mitch disappeared, I know that Sid was never the same, and I heard some time ago that he passed away. So, so tragic.

  70. I am 65, and can’t imagine any of my friends being lost since 1973. I hope these people are found one day. I am grieving myself.

  71. The rolling stone article is what led me here. Thanks for maintaining this website. It’s very kind of you to do this for your friends.
    I want to say that I want to believe Smith’s story, because if it is true, Mitchel died trying to save Bonnie. From many of the comments above, it seemed that lots of young people hitchhiked to and from the concert. There were so many people there and why would the two of them be targeted. Also if they were victims of random violence during the concert, the murderer would have to have disposed of the bodies very carefully because no remains were discovered nearby, but it felt unlikely if it was random violence that happened near a huge event like that.
    I’m sorry if it comes across as insensitive for a total stranger to speculate on this subject. (I lived in Ithaca, NY for 4 years in the late 80’s and had been to WG park a few times.)
    May God bless the families and friends and hope eventually there will be closure for them.

  72. Fifty years and memories of Mitch and Bonnie are still alive in those of us who miss and mourn them. My children knew of them from the stories I told them when they were young themselves. Did Mitch and Bonnie disappearance influence the parent I became? Perhaps. The first time Bonnie and I met she said her middle name was my name, Mara. Mitch. He used to hitchhike home even though he had a train pass. Thoughs were the times and that was Mitch. Sweet, trusting young boy who never had a chance to become a man, a husband, father and by now, perhaps a grandfather. Bonnie. Equally sweet child on the verge of being grown.

    Gosh how I wish their families could have closure. I really, really wish.

  73. I just read this and What a great friend. Kudos to you, loved when asked He says cause that’s what he would have done. sorry for your loss

  74. “150 miles to the Summer Jam,
    They had to go where rockers sang,
    On a morning, they set out as planned,
    Hitchhiked all the way, hand in hand,

    It rocked and rolled at the Watkins Glen,
    But Bonnie and Mitchell were never seen again,
    They’ve searched for them since, to all extents,
    But peace is far away for their family and friends.”

    This is my tribute to Bonnie and Mitchell. I read an article about them on; I Hope and prayer that this search will bring a peaceful ending and someone will add few more stanza to this tribute.

    Love from India.

  75. I came here from the Rolling Stone article. I just can’t imagine the deep pain that so many people have suffered from this tragedy. I pray that there are answers and closure very soon.

  76. Robert garrow jr. was on a killing spree in the near area at that time during July and especially killed a couple camping in the arinndaks and he was residing in Syracuse new york at the time. I think it was him who made mitchel weisner and bonita bickwit disappear. And that’s not taking in to account that allen smith reported in 2000 or so that he was also hitching that day n got in an orange vw bus with them either , . Robert arrow drive an orange vw. But just the fact that Robert garrow was commiting all yes crime in the area at the time and I believe Mitchel an bonita met with foul play. So sad the authorities haven’t found any bodes it’s not really closure without answers and bodes . I have no connection to his story but I saw on the web news. Just wonder if there is any unidentified remains found in central to upstate New York because seems that Robert garrow left his dead victims well findable i guess you could say. Yep the dentist records for the missing tens are lost but DNA is available since there are close living relatives. Sure would be nice to put the heartache to rest or these folks.

  77. The Rolling Stone article may bring more light to this tragic story.. What a great person you are to have kept the torch burning these years.. Hopefully there is peace and comfort at the end of this all for Mitchel and Bonnie. And for those who have followed the story for so long.

  78. Just found out about this case from reading the Rolling Stone article. I can’t imagine how awful it would be to have no closure or answers. And the police did, and continue to do, such a terrible job…so incredibly frustrating. I’m hoping with all my might that someone will read that Rolling Stone article and remember something. I hope someday to read that their disappearance has been solved. Rest in peace.

  79. It almost seems like the Suffolk county authority is too embarrassed to either investigate further or even show what they have.

  80. I found this site after reading the Rolling Stone article this morning. This story hits close to home for me. Im born and raised in Brooklyn, and spent every summer in the country in Monticello. Although I’m younger than Mitchell and Bonnie, I was 11 in the summer of 1973, I can really identify with them. We hitchiked all the time up there, it seemed so safe. My heart breaks for the parents, family and all of their friends. This is the first I’ve heard of their story. Keep telling their story to whoever will listen. Publicly and getting the story out there will hopefully resolve it and bring some measure of peace and closure to the families. My thoughts are with you, and with Mitchell and Bonnie

  81. I just stumbled upon this story yesterday. It is just heartbreaking. To know that the authorities were so uninterested in solving this case is maddening. I’m about the age Bonnie and Mitchle would be today. It was a special time and we felt so free, so safe and as all young people, we felt invincible. They were regarded as runways which doesn’t seem likely. The police in NY state have a less than stellar record when it comes to compassion. Just have to look at the Gilgo beach debacle to know that. I will keep them in my heart and pray that these families can find the answers they need.

  82. The Rolling Stone article I just read brought me here. I hope and this 50 year anniversary Rolling Stone article helps bring new leads to solve their disappearance and bring them home, so that all their family and friends can finally grieve and have closure before there is no one left to keep their memory alive.

  83. So sad to read the whole story about Mitchel and Bonnie. I’m praying for the reunite of their families. After I read all, my heart broken for you. God will guide them to you soon. One thing made me mad was the law enforcement people didn’t act very fast to investigate. One thing PLEASE do act fast with different psychics to tell you where to find them.

  84. I read the Rolling Stone article just a few mins ago. Very sad. I will be sharing on Twitter and using #bonniemitchellmissing
    Prayers to all.

  85. To any loved ones of Mitchel and Bonnie. This breaks my heart. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to not know what happened to them.
    May I tell you that for 2 years, since I went online at the age of 70, I have been occasionally following the posts of a Psychic Medium (I think this is how he describes himself) called Matt Fraser, from NY, who says he connects with people ‘s loved ones who have passed. Call me gullible and naive, but I really believe he has this gift. I think he is well known. He has been on TV, has written a book about life after life, and is on social media and followed by many. I think he may be able to help you. I really hope you find out what you want to know, so you can have some peace.

  86. I have cried today reading the RS article on Google and came here to learn more about Mitch and Bonnie. I am haunted by this story and by how the authorities did absolutely nothing to investigate and find them. Just Sickening!

    Mitch and me are two days apart in age and I can certainly relate to these two beautiful souls. I too went to concerts at that young age and hitchhiked. I once hitchhiked (same age) from EP, TX to Dallas with a friend, only to be picked up by police (thank God) and taken to juvenile detention and shipped home. I once again hitchhiked from EP, TX to Los Angeles with my older brother and arrived safely to family. Our mother couldn’t convince us not to do it, because we knew better. We were free spirits, too trusting and naive, never thinking about any possible danger.

    The sweet photo of Bonnie and Mitch embracing each other shows the love they have for each other, so young and innocent. I am heartbroken for their families and friends. I pray Bonnie and Mitch are at peace. ♥️

  87. Like others commenting here today, I was lead to this site by the Rolling Stones article. My heart is broken for the families and friends of Bonnie and Mitchel.
    I have spent my day searching multiple “unidentified” sites. I think it’s worth looking into NamUs #UP2607, if that has not already been done. Associated case numbers: NCMEC Number 1106805; ME/C Case Number 88-01132

  88. How utterly heartbreaking. I just learned about this from the RS article. Being an ABB fan I’ve certainly heard of this concert and have seen pics from it, but not till later on bc I was too young at the time–yet I never heard about their disappearance before. The story of the drowning makes me think of a case from Jan.-Feb. of this year from England. Nicola Bulley disappeared while walking her dog along a river or stream. There was no evidence of foul play. They had police divers search the river and also an expert at finding bodies came and used his equipment and his divers. The expert declared that she was not in the river. About a month later the police found her downstream, I think following a tip. I don’t recall whether or not she had surfaced. There was a lot of brush in the water I believe, and she may have been caught on something. It makes me wonder if sometimes people can go unfound in a river. I am so sorry for all of the family and friends. God bless you.

  89. Hello . I read about Bonnie and Mitchel today (Rolling Stone) . I feel bad for their friends and family . Just a thought , just a hunch …. Mitchel and Bonnie might have been going to Canada . Don’t forget many young men went there during that time period . I hope their family and friends find peace.

  90. Hello . I read about Mitchel and Bonnie today (Rolling Stone). It’s a heartbreaking story . Just a hunch , just a feeling … maybe Mitchel and Bonnie were going to Canada . Many young men were going to Canada during that time period .

  91. I hope the family & friends of Mitchel & Bonnie were able to cope through the heartbreaking times. I hope they all remained light hearted & spirited even through the pain of so many unanswered questions. I hope Bonnie & Mitchel are at peace wherever they may be – & know in their hearts that their family never gave up on finding them.

    – – never lose hope – –

  92. I too hitch hiked to Watkins Glen in July ‘73. Took off from southeastern Ct by myself, a 16 year old by myself. My friend Scott cancelled at the last minute so I was alone. Got rides mostly from truck drivers who warned me to be careful. Had to walk the last 5 miles. The music was awesome, most of the people were kind, the field was a mess of mud, stoned kids, abandoned tents, filthy portable toilets. I left as I came, alone and hitchhiking. Got a big scare from my second ride. The truck driver threatened me with rape and murder then suddenly pulled over to a police station and told me to call my mother for a ride home. I think it was the Port Chester Police Department. Took my mother hours to get there How was I so lucky? I’m so very sorry that I am unable to help. No photos and a fading memory. I will keep Bonnie and Mitch in my prayers and hope their families find peace.

    • That last truck driver may have saved your life; it wasn’t a scare; it was him trying to get you into reality

    • There are cases of rapists and murderers that for whatever reason deny their urges and bring a person home, or let them out of a car or house. You may have been in the car with a monster that had a moment of humanity.

  93. I stumbled upon this story by chance and was immediately fascinated. Growing up in the late 70s-early 80s,I heard many wonderful stories of long-haired kids in a changing world hitchhiking to places like music concerts. By the time I was Mitchel and Bonnie’s age that dynamic was gone but the people who lived it were alive and well. I heard the horror stories too of course,but none of them EVER hit me like this one,probably because it’s just mostly so ordinary. Those awesome kids could have been anybody.

    I hope there are answers. And I hope you all find them.

  94. I came across this story from Rolling Stone, being a former investigator I went right to work. I’d like to help as much as possible to bring closure to the family and friends. I also happen to live 40 miles from where that concert took place.

  95. I just came across and read the Rolling Stone story about Mitchel and Bonnie.

    I am heartbroken and sorry to all of their friends and family that you all had to live with the questions and emptiness of what happened to them both for so long.

    I’m only 45 and few up in Hawai’i, so I can’t help in many ways. But I can post the story and this site on my social media accounts.

    Shoddy police work of yesteryears is unfortunately prevalent. 🙁

    Sending positive vibes to all involved and I hope the truth comes to light one day soon.

    Love and aloha.

  96. I stumbled across the story of Mitchel & Bonnie today. I wonder if they decided to run away together & didn’t want to be found. Go to & put in their info & see if you can get any leads. I use this site often when I’m trying to find people & it has been very helpful. I hope someday Mitchel & Bonnie will be found alive & well. I wish peace for their family.

  97. Robert Francis Garrow SR was a serial killer in that area during that time. Apparently confessed to his attorneys the location of two victims and they never disclosed it to law enforcement, under attorney client privledge.

    Because of their ages and being unattended, I do believe they’d fit his MO.

  98. Robert Francis Garrow SR was a serial killer in that area during that time. Apparently confessed to his attorneys the location of two victims and they never disclosed it to law enforcement, under attorney client privilege.

    Because of their ages and being unattended, I do believe they’d fit his MO.

  99. I am very sorry you have not found answers in your search for Mitchel and Bonnie. I think this story is perfect for the unsolved mysteries series, it has many viewers world wide since its now on Netflix, I think it could bring new widespread attention to the case and hopefully, possibly jog someone’s memory. I wish you all the best and hope dearly you find answers someday!

  100. I’m not sure if this is any kind of relevant, but we purchased a bright orange VW bus in the early 1970’s. Do vehicle records go back that far? My husband at the time traded a 66 mustang convertible with no heater and $700 for that crappy tin can, because it had 2 heaters. (One of which didn’t work!) It would have been registered out of Charleston or Summerville, South Carolina.

  101. I came across this article on Google recommended articles. It caught my attention so I read it. I’m always intrigued whenever I hear of missing persons and cold cases. I was actually a jury member in 2019 for a cold case of a murder back in 1980 in Silverlake, CA. They finally found the person with DNA evidence, and put him on trial. He was convicted of 1st degree murder (he was actually already in prison for another murder already) but for the family of the victim (a young woman), it gave them answers and peace. I’m telling this story because this case was solved almost 40 years later. I believe it’s possible you can solve what happened to Mitchel and Bonnie. I believe in miracles and you’ve come this far. I think, unfortunately, with a lot of cold cases it comes down to negligence on the county departments. The same thing happened with this case, they didn’t do enough research. There was even DNA evidence in this case….and after 40 years that was enough to solve the case. Of course, I understand technology has advanced since then. I hope that you find out the truth to what happened to Mitchel and Bonnie and solve this case once and for all…after 50 years. I BELIEVE you will. Justice for Mitchel and Bonnie!

  102. Perhaps when they were hitchhiking, the vehicle in which they were traveling was involved in an accident and they perished. If they didn’t have IDs on them, then the state wouldn’t have known who to contact. Is there a way to search for death records in NY for which the person’s were unidentified. The records would probably give the approximate age and hopefully a description of the deceased. They may not have perished on route to or from the concert, as maybe they met up with people who asked them to travel with them to another location after the concert. So the accident may not have happened on route to or from the concert back to camp. My second idea is that can a physical search be done on the side of the road between the last known sighting and the concert. Search the sides of the road between where the truck driver says he dropped them off and the concert location. This would require a group of volunteers and maybe cadaver dogs who are willing to spend weeks alongside the road looking for their possible remains. Perhaps the pair stepped into the woods for whatever reason and didn’t make it out.

  103. May You Find The Answers You Seek. Both Families, Mitchell, and Bonnie, Will Be In My Constant Thoughts, and Prayers.

  104. Came across the Rolling Stone article today. Fascinated. It’s amazing to me how an older generation always thinks kids just ran off or make up lies. They don’t put stock into anything. Those police probably wrote them off as hippies and thought they weren’t going to waste their time. Prejudice. Music is everything to me so if i was their age, I would have done the same by going to the concert. After 50 years is unlikely to find a happy ending. But I hope there is closure. Rockers never die. We just rock on. Peace and love.

  105. Such a sad story! I definitely would want to talk to the man who said he watched them drown. His story seems a little fishy – no pun intended.

  106. What about searching the lakes in
    Narrowsburg and WatkinsGlen area
    Lately there have been stories around the country about submerged cars found under the water many many years later,they could have hitched a ride and crashed,just a thought,sorry for your loss

    • What about the Camp? She was supposed to return for $$ and clothes. Did they make it back & have a confrontation “spiral out of control”– they returned to a possible hornets’ nest.

    • Signed
      My heart goes out to the family and friends of Bonnie and Mitchel. I’m hoping that they will be found and brought home asap. Fifty years is way too long. Shame on the police departments who were supposed to investigate this. Thank you to all of the wonderful friends amd family keeping their story alive.

  107. Hi. I lived across the street from a photographer who had a particular interest in teens with freckles. He was a creep. He frequented Watkins Glen. Both the races and concerts.
    I will try to remember his name.

  108. So many thoughts. What about the truck driver who one of the articles on Google said was the last person to see them alive? Probably long since passed away, but no outcome was mentioned. Or how about cadaver dogs along the stretch between the camp and the festival sight. Possibly they were hit by passing vehicle and just never found? How many other missing persons cases were just left and remain unsolved? It’s so sad.

  109. just a thought- is it possible that the two was in a accident with someone else and ended up in a waterway somewhere

  110. Mitchel and Bonnie sound like wonderful people. Very sorry for all the loved ones.
    Reading the story and specifically Mr. Smiths account, I wonder what he says happened to their belongings ? I read they had back packs and sleeping bags and I can’t imagine they planned to swim with wallets and purses, money, concert tickets etc. Was a description of these items ever circulated and what did he say became if them ? I’m sure smarter people than I have looked at the facts but then again it sounds like the police have not done these two people justice !

  111. This should be forwarded to Vinnie Politan at Court TV so he can publicize it and keep it in the media spotlight as well as getting all his legal and law enforcement experts to weigh in and evaluate this case. A sad shame…the oldest missing persons cold case in the USA. Justice is long overdue! My sincere condolences to the family and friends of these kids. I cannot imagine the complex grief and PTSD that you all have endured all these years…the not knowing has had to have been a living hell. I’m so very sorry. Good luck! Peace

  112. Such great kids. So much to look forward to in life. I can believe that more than 30 years after the fact that Allyn Smith may have had problems remembering certain details. Those in the VW van may have been using drugs. I think it matters most just what type of person Mr. Smith became and just what king of character he seemed to have as far as his coming forward with what he says he recalls. Seems unlikely that neither body had washed up anywhere but stranger things have happened. I do pray that Mitch and Bonnie’s families will one day have some closure. God Bless.

  113. In the photo of the couple at the camp picnic, I saw what looks like a splint on Bonnie’s forefinger. I wonder if any death records from 1973 New York would detail a short woman with an injured or broken forefinger

  114. What about revisting some good psychics. There are some good ones around. Thomas John is about 90% or better been spot on as I have been following him. Possible he could help with this. Just a thought.

  115. Please add NamUs Case MP #40945 William Alfred Higgins (Bill) Missing since 1969, McKeesport, PA

    Tyvm ⚖️⏳

  116. Very, very sad article about some nice kids who were way-laid by some evil folks. I was 19 in ’73 and hitchhiked all over the east coast. Including to Canada from Lake George w my new wife in ’75! Things were starting to get dangerous w reports of hitchers being kidnapped or killed. Biggest worry was of the PO-LICE who were picking hippies up and shaving their heads in Maine! Yeah, the good ol’ “first responders” were on the warpath vs kids then. The Rolling Stone piece is good but has some big holes – which some decent investigating might clear up:
    1. This guy Smith was in the Navy? Or hitchibg from Watkins Glen?
    2. Check the records of the 62 counties along the Susquehanna for found but unidentified bodies.
    3. What’s with FLA woman and her accusations? Was her father a suspect in other crimes?
    (and don’t rely on the police, esp in Sullivan Co…

  117. Psychics are not real. Nor should they ever be used to further an investigation. They will lead people down dead ends and divert from the real facts of the case. I hope this case can be closed soon. The family deserves closure. The police need to do their jobs better.

  118. Have you checked youtube? There are several videos posted from that concert. You can reach out to people that have commented on these videos, to see if they have any other footage from the concert.

  119. i would like to comment on the allyn smith details. first, the volkswagon bus is not a tour bus full of people, its a small hippie van that is called a “bus”. the bus driver is just a hippie driving the van. the man said he saw the two swept away. some wonder why he didnt jump in and save them and so they doubt him. but please remember the circumstances. the man was probably exhausted from the past few days of traveling and partying, and was probably stoned and probably had little to eat and hardly any sleep for days, and so he wasnt all that you expect a military person to be at the time. when someone is being swept away in a creek or river, you cant expect the person nearby to be able to jump in and save them. the river could have been moving fast so that it were impossible to catch them in the current, especially if there were any distance between the bystander and victims. the reason he may not have chosen to come forward at the time is that maybe he was stone and carefree and that living fast and dying you was something that didnt bother him at the time. or maybe he was truly scared. or maybe he was more concerned about getting drugs and his next high. or maybe he said well theres nothing he can do and they are gone and he didnt know them so he said he is just going to move on. i believe that his conscience made him come forward many years later. as for not remembering where the river was 27 years before, thats very believable to me. if he had never been to that place before, how could he expect to find it again, with so many changes to the landscape, and having such a foggy memory of the short time he was there, due to the drugs and exhaustion from the concert week. also, the van driver may have turned down any number of back country roads and then they suddenly came upon a creek or river…you cant expect anyone to have a built-n gps in their brain to remember such a thing, especially if maybe he were in the back of the van and not even paying attention to where they were going. theres one other thing, i dont believe the man wanted to get too mixed up in the case, because then many would start blaming him for their disappearance and maybe start accusing him of murder and he probably feared for his safety. his conscience wanted to let people know what he saw, and he wanted to move on because what else could he do, and there was nothing more that he had to offer, and didnt want to get accused of anything. as for there not being any bodies washed up from the river, this doesnt mean that it didnt happen. maybe their bodies got swept under some rocks or maybe their bodies did get washed up but some animals found them. i dont think allyn smith would put himself out there like this for a joke or for fame. he obviously didnt go overboard with details and take people on a wild goose chase. i dont know that searching river banks at this point will do any good, but its a lead that must be taken seriously, especially when nothing else makes any sense about their disappearances.

  120. Just read the Rolling Stone article, and was fascinated and drawn to this case. What is present for me is the sense that those two teens were absolutely loved, adored and respected by their families and their community. Such a tragic loss. I do believe that loved ones are able to communicate with us through our dreams, I hope those leads have been taken seriously and looked into. Lastly, I do believe this case is 100% solvable with today’s technology and how far we have come with DNA… These families deserve closure. Someone knows something and I pray that enough time has gone by that their conscience gets the better of them and they come forward with what they know. Praying for you all the way in Southern Utah. God bless.

  121. Hey Mitchel and Bonnie, I’m listening to “Easy Wind” here in Olympia WA and sending a prayer y’alls way. 777 be well and blessed

  122. I am inclined to believe the drowning scenario. A classmate I grew up with and played baseball with as a teenager went to save two friends in a canoeing mishap. They lived, but he drowned. He was in great physical shape. The contemporaneous report of the drownings to friends by the witness is strong. I remember that weekend and the roads were closed so the idea that they never actually made it to the show is an added layer of authenticity.

  123. I just read the Rolling Stone piece. Have police considered the man who claimed to witness their drownings as a possible suspect? The way he went out of his way to cooperate and lead investigators on a wild goose chase looking for the specific bridge he remembered—I could see a narcissistic killer getting a kick out of that. He might even have mementos in his home.

  124. hello again. i wanted to add to the alan smith claim that they were swept away in a river. i read where someone stated that it was a dry year that year, so they said the rivers wouldnt have been flooded enough to wash them away. however, if you look on a map at watkins glen, there is a lake with a spillway nearby, which means the river below the lake would have been flowing even in a dry season. and theres another lake with spillway not too far from that lake. perhaps this river is the one where the claimed drownings took place. i would again not blame alan smith for their drowning, as we do not know the circumstance of the situation. also, he cannot be blamed for not reporting the event right away, because there was most likely nothing he could do. he most likely didnt want to be blamed for anything as people would start looking at him as a suspect, and also explains why he wouldnt want to do a polygraph in 2000.

    • Yes. I have to say that I agree with your comments on Allyn Smith. Polygraphs or “Lie Detector” tests are precarious at best. Granted they can’t usually be used in court, but with possible false positives, an innocent person can be implicated. I understand many defense attorneys feel that to submit to them is not truly such a good idea, even when you feel you’ve got nothing to hide. Again the physical and mental state of anyone who could have been in the supposed VW van must be fully considered. They were likely tired, dirty, strung-out, or high and this isn’t exactly conducive to heroic deeds. No cell phones and literally being out in the woods too, wouldn’t have helped matters much here either. To think that an out of town person could direct authorities to any one particular area many years after the fact, in such a rugged place, may be asking too much.

  125. I read the Rolling Stone article as well as a lot of You who added their thoughts and I also want to extend my sorrow for the family and friends on this website. I agree with several comments about Allyn Smith and think his statements to Law enforcement should be taken seriously I think that since Smith was not from the area and did not know where he was in 1973 and the Van driver who dropped him off because he was turning into Pennsylvania: dropped Smith off possibly might have thought the river was the Susquehanna W/branch. I researched the Elmira NY weather for 27/28/29 July 1973 and their was .63 inches rain 27July zero 28 July and one inch 29 July 1973 Has anyone considered that maybe it was the Chemung river that flows into the Susquehanna below Waverly NY and I looked at the history of the interstate 86/Rt17 and looked at Rt 14 from Watkins Glenn into I86/Rt17 around Lowman NY very near Newtown Battlefield SP the Chemung is next to highway and forms a long funnel before turning and getting narrow between two hills. That would certainly have a undertow current after rain. US220 goes into PA east of Lowman and is a main N/S highway. use google maps and use satellite tab. I looked at a couple other remote areas like east of Waverly. Some of the towns were still remote in 1973. I think Lowman/Chemung should be considered. The Chemung then turns again and opens back up wide. It was upper 80s that weekend. I hope Law enforcement look at the Allyn Smith story again and I hope Allyn Smith consider the above and contact Det. Jack Harb Sullivan County

    • Also, Hurricane Agnes dropped alot of trees into the rivers (strainers) in late 1972 The Chemung took another life recently when a woman and her daughter were trapped by a strainer The daughter was able to get free although sadly the mother and boat were held under until first responders pulled her out This was on the Chemung river before it gets to Susquehanna.

  126. Also adding to my above thoughts. Please remember Hurricane Agnes dropped a lot of trees into the rivers (strainers) late 1972. The Chemung just took another life from a woman being trapped by the current under a strainer along with her boat. She died although her daughter was able to get free of strainer. I hope my thoughts do not cause any pain or anger to the Family and friends.

  127. Mitch & Bonnie lives came to an abrupt end; they are forever 15 & 16. Their future was stolen from them. They were stolen from their family & their friends. What is left are memories for those that knew and loved them.

    The perpetrator may hide from the world but he cannot hide from himself. He knows what happened. He knows what he did. If even he has left this world, what happens in the dark does finally come into the light.

    I never knew Mitch or Bonnie but I have thought of them throughout the years when I’ve seen an article about their case.

    May their memory be a blessing….

  128. Is there a way that we could ask Mr Smith legitimate questions or have questions funneled to him and then have them answered through a third party. I believe that we the public can help him locate the river and the bridge where the two were washed away we could probably do this just by looking on Google Earth and other map pages. Mr Smith wouldn’t have to leave the comfort of his own home. we could do the groundwork but we just need a little more information to go on. I would like to ask him this… standing in front of the river where you were, do you remember if the river was flowing to your right or to your left. Do you remember if the bridge was almost eye level or was it 30 or 40 ft in the air. Was this more of a creek or a river like 50 feet wide. After you left the concert and hitched a ride in the van, how long was it before you guys pulled off to the river, was it just a few miles from Watkins Glen raceway, or was it much further away. After you left the concert, did you drive through the main town of Watkins Glen. Was the river access before or after going through the town of Watkins Glen. If you drove through the town of Watkins Glen, were you heading south towards Pennsylvania. If you were heading south out of Watkins Glen, do you remember if the river turn off point was on the right side or the left. After the two were washed away in the river and you and the driver left, how long did you drive before you parted ways. Do you remember which road or turnpike you were on when you parted ways. After you and the driver parted ways do you remember which road or direction you took to head home or which town you came to first after you parted ways. I believe Mr Smith and I believe he with a little help can help locate the river where the two disappeared. I think a little more information can help people narrow down the rivers to just a few possibilities. Then search parties can be formed and Mitch and Bonnie can return home.

  129. I agree with Peter K. Law enforcement needs to make an effort to once again contact Allyn Smith and try to convince him to help out the investigation like he did in 2000s. I researched Hurricane Agnes more in detail on National Hurricane Center archives and a map shows the amount of rain for the area I am questioning around Lowman on the Chemung River. The folks there had around 10 inches of rain and to the west in the upper part of the tributaries had 12 to 14 inches of rain. Alot of debris would still be in the river July 1973. These strainers would have been very dangerous and could have held a person trapped. The local sportsman in that area could be contacted if they fished in that area to see what obstructions in the river have been there since Agnes. Allyn Smith said “remote area” and Lowman is the first main swimming area next to highway that would have any real strong current after a .63 inch rain. The area had just over 4 inches for that month. I think Allyn Smith’s help would be critical with the technology now available. A root bulb in a strong current can be very dangerous. There is a bridge over the Chemung hyw 427. it would be downstream of my suspicion area as the river runs east next to Rt. 17 before tapering or funneling down and turning south into a tight area between two hills before once again turning eastern flow and opening up wide. This slower flow is where I would question if any trees still exist in that area and locals in that area would be critical to answer this question. If you follow this website Allyn Smith then please come forward again and help out. A man does not travel from home in Massuchusetts on his own dime to talk to police investigators just for kicks. I think he holds the key to finding the answer to this mysterious missing persons case and Law enforcement should reach out to him.

    • I don’t think he came forward quickly but years later?
      I hope their are multiple reasons he has been dismissed but Allyn Smith was in the navy is not a good reason. I was in the navy and I can swim, but I’m not better than any other person who knows how to swim. . The only prerequisite was that you could tread water for 30 minutes and swim the length and back of a pool.
      I also understand how dangerous a swollen river is, if its debris littered and moving fast there is zero chance I’m going into the river to try to save a stranger swept away. Its one thing if they don’t know how to swim and are floundering but swept into a current i don’t care who you are you are not getting them out of it.
      Also going to the river where he thought it happened and saying it shallow is also wrong. It means nothing when comparing to 1973.
      I don’t like ruling him out for those reasons, I might rule him out for the fact that bodies never came up. However if they were submerged caught under a fallen tree they might never come up before the bodies broke down.
      I’m hoping there were “This guys crazy” reasons for doubting his story and they don’t want to slander him in podcast etc.

  130. Is it possible that they were killed during an attempted robbery? Perhaps someone wanted the camera Mitch had with I’m. Or maybe someone wanted the festival tickets; after all, it only became a free festival after fences and gates were broken down. My heart breaks for Mitch, Bonnie and their families.

  131. What a wonderful and touching tribute to Mitchel and Bonnie that you have made with this website.
    I am the same age as Mitchel and Bonnie and remember my older brother and some of his friends
    going to the Watkins Glen concert that weekend back in 1973. I just can’t imagine them not returning.
    I hope that all of your efforts to rekindle the investigation and the Rolling Stone article will shake the
    tree enough so that some new leads and info are brought forward. Your loyalty, friendship, and love of
    Mitchel and Bonnie is immense.

  132. Im sure it was researched but ill ask – Has Robert Garrow been excluded as a witness. He was on a stabbing spree at same time the kids went missing, and had committed crimes near Syracuse up into the Adirondacks. I’m sure he was but cant find it stated anywhere.
    I know Allyn said the drowning took place after they exited an Orange VW Van..I know that isn’t an odd color or unpopular care back then…
    But just saw this while researching Garrow.

    The driver of an orange “foreign car” (later confirmed to be a Volkswagen) registered to Garrow pulled off into the woods and the man fled on foot.

  133. So sorry. Would like to see info & pictures of expensive camera, make, model, etc. if this is a case of foul play, offender would likely pawn it, maybe yes later & in another state. It could still be out there, even as a display piece on a mantel. I have 3 old ones I show off. Check camera stores, eBay — get that out there.

    • You are right. That’s what I’m thinking about constantly. We should focus on Mitchel’s camera—it may still be somewhere. Collectors are a huge group of people.

  134. i believe allen smiths story, that they drowned. some have doubted his story by saying why would a former military guy not jump in and save them, and why didnt their bodies wash up, and why didnt they call the police. smith may have been a military guy, but this doesnt mean he was in a place to reach kids who were being washed downstream. their bodies may have never been found, because the area between watkins glen and pennsylvania is sparsley populated, even more sparsely populated along the many streams and creeks and rivers… so this is basically wilderness, even to this day as shown on google earth maps. the driver of the orange vw van said he would report the kids drownings after he got back to town. the police say they never received that call…however, i would say they may have received the call but never took it seriously. im sure the watkins glen police phone line was jammed for days before and after the concert, by reports of local citizens with complaints of hippies, thefts, vandalism, car accidents, fights, drug and alcohol abuse, trespassing, nudity, and probably a million other complaints. the police department was overwhelmed, and eventually phone calls were probably not taken seriously by the time the concert was over. i would say if the driver of the vw van was even able to get through to the police department within the following days, it would have been a miracle. now, picture the police answering the call from the driver who says two kids were washed downstream. the police would have asked the van driver which stream or river, which road or bridge, and what were the names of the two victims who were washed away? driver of the orange vw van would have said i dont know! so then the police would not have taken the claim seriously, and they wouldnt have made any record of the call. i will point out that at the end of the concert, it poured rain, which means the many streams and creeks and lakes with spillways would have been flowing. i beieve the kids were washed away somewhere between watkins glen and pennsylvania. if anyone knows allen smith, or is able to contact him to try to obtain further information, please ask him this. does he remember if the stream or river was 20 ft wide or 100 or more ft wide? does he remember which direction the water was flowing, to his right or left? does he remember if the bridge was on his right or left? was the bridge over the river 20 ft high or 40 or more ft high? how far was the road from the river where they pulled off? how long after he and the driver left the river, did they drive before they parted ways? does he remember approximately which road or turnpike they were at when they parted ways? was the river a river or a stream? were the drownings between the concert location and the town of watkins glen? or were the drownings between the town of watkins glen and pennsylvania? also, in an attempt to locate the driver of the vw van, does smith remember if the orange vw van was a regular van, or a camper van with a pop-up roof tent? any other memories of the orange van, such as a white stripe in the front or other designs that could make it easier to find?

  135. I just read the Rolling Stone 50th anniversary article. I don’t have anything to add to the investigation, but I want to express my sympathy. I am so, so sorry for your loss. God be with you all.

  136. Hello,

    I read about Mitchel and Bonnie recently in an article. I am not sure the information I have will help you or is even relevant but I will mention it. In the summer of 1970 or 1971 I was hitchhiking to Wel Met camp though some woods. I was headed to see my girlfriend who was a counselor there (and I later became one). I don’t remember exactly where I was coming from, but I distinctly remember one of my rides, though I cannot recall the car that picked me up. There was absolutely no one around. As I recall, the road was good but the terrain was pretty heavily wooded. The man who picked me up was completely bald—I am not sure if his head was shaved—and he wore a dark blue suit, a dress shirt, and a blue tie that was pulled right up to his neck. He was a heavy set man, though i don’t think “fat” is the correct word.. There was something odd about him. Perhaps it was that he was dressed in the way he was while driving through the woods. I also recall that at the end of the ride when I looked at him (it might have been earlier) he was perspiring enough for me to clearly notice it. I do not recall any conversation along the way. Just as we were approaching the gates of Wel Met (he must have stopped the car) he turned to me and asked, “Can I touch you; I won’t hurt you.” I understood that he wanted to have sexual contact and I responded to him that I did not mind if other people like that sort of thing, but I was not into it. With that I casually opened the door and left the vehicle. The statement about not hurting me caught my attention and either then or later I felt that it was implicitly threatening, notwithstanding his claim that I would not be hurt. Why say that if being harmed was not a possibility. I hope it is not painful for me to say that I believe that a story later appeared that there had been a series of murders and bodies were burried in a man’s house in the Catskills. But I am not sure if that did actually take place and in the area I was in. I might have later confused that with the case of John Gacey (I think that was his name), who after having sex with young men he picked up later murdered them. I might have read about Gacey, compared his story to the situation I described and later thought it took place in the Catskills. But aside from that, my experience did in fact take place. I have forever after thought that I had a very close call with someone who very well might have harmed me and I count my blessings that nothing happened. The situation I have described would have taken place around 2 years prior to the disappearance of Mitchell and Bonnie, and the information might be too skimp[y to help. But I wanted to send this to you just in case it contributes anything to your search. May you be successful in your search.

    • I want to add that I thought (or now believe) the perspiration was nervousness and now from wearing the suit in hot weather. I don’t think we had air conditioning in many vehicles back then, but it was cool enough in the woods so that I was not perspiring and I don’t think attributed to perspiration to the suit.

  137. I also read the Rolling Stone article and have a few thoughts. I know it’s been 50 years, but probably the better route to find Mitch and Bonnie (than the police) would’ve been through the festival organizers. Bill Graham, who was extremely reputable and influential in the business was a Jewish holocaust survivor. He was a major player at Watkins Glen Summer Jam. I believe he was also involved in various Jewish causes. Probably a phone call to his organization would have gotten the ball rolling a lot sooner. He probably would have helped coordinate a proper police investigation. Graham had a no-nonsense personality that got things done immediately. Unfortunately Bill Graham died in a tragic plane accident in 1991.

  138. God bless all of you this wonderful Sunday morning. I have been also following and researching like many of you on this site. I am wondering why the family and friends have not requested law enforcement to enter their names in the NamUs website? I used google maps to try to follow various routes and “street View” tab is very helpful. When I entered Mitchel’s height and weight in NamUs I got two hits that probably a very long shot although might be worth at least family to look at. One is 1975 and one is 1977 bodies found outside of Philadelphia Naval shipyard on S. Deleware ave which turns into kitty hawk to base and the other is mid philadelphia and is a very very very long shot. The 1975 case should be looked at if Mitchel’s blood type was “o” . This person was shot. He had a red t shirt and jeans and tennis shoes among other things. I know 1973 although individual was found at railroad tracks. I assume burried in gravel. (I assume). I also looked at a bunch of watkins glenn concert photos and a few slight possibilities exist for Bonnie. One for Bonnie and Mitchel although The family and friends I am sure already went through photo’s. Thoughts about the camera? If Mitchel was into photography and had a good camera he would certainly have taken a bunch of pictures including en route of him and Bonnie. Did anyone develop his pictures after they kept or found his camera if he drowned as was stated. The tickets- As teenagers, they would certainly of communicated to driver of anyone who picked them up that they had tickets being they carried a sign for watkins glen. The driver of VW van was in the navy from what I understand from articles and was going into PA. several PA. navy bases exist and the most likely is Philadelphia naval yard. There is also a command above Gettysburg. Philly is where the kitty hawk was. A ships log will exist with info on who checked in and out for liberty or leave on the weekend of jam. A base log of VW vans would be microfilmed from base security and no Naval ship logs are supposed to be destroyed or thrown away. Philly would have several ship logs for that weekend. more follows later as I just had something come up.

  139. my comments continued- It was acceptable in the Navy in 1973 to have longer hair not like todays Navy I remember plenty of pictures with Vietnam era Sailors’ so the watkins glen photos should be examined without “high and tight” hair cut. I found one picture that had an orange or red VW Van with what looks like yellow tag although cound not enhance enough from puter to get number of even verify yellow PA tags. Better technology would be able to do it though. A very popular celebrity used to go to Wel Met camp his early years and maybe he could be contacted for any info. I think from his internet biography he would have been at wel met 1973. I can not say his name because i dont want to open myself up to a bunch of liability lawsuits “defamation suits” etc. The camp truck they left in was probably a pickup truck although you folks on this site who went to wel met would know better.

  140. more- In the Navy; A quarterdeck “Petty Officer of the Watch” would be recording any activity during his four-hour watch into the ships log. Any fights- personnel check in-check out, visitors and any officer commanded entry and damage and weather situations . It was sometimes allowed for civilians to enter certain areas on a ship. Philly is right next to interstate 95 and a thought; were they offered a chance to see a Navy ship and then hitch hike back home via I95? The passenger just assumed they both drowned. Did driver drop off passenger and back track back to river? Did van driver pick them up wet and offer to take them with him To Navy Yard? Young teenagers would certainly be over trusting Military personnel I would assume. Maybe family could request law enforcement to look into 1975 NamUs case if blood type “O” matches Mitchel. Family/Friends please dont take this part the wrong way. If people were accusing witnesses of possible involvement if foul play, Why would they continue to cooperate? Maybe a new approach could be made like expressing no desire to prosecute if they kept their property and that you just want detailed info to help law enforcement and maybe they would re-consider once again talking to detectives. I am a Christian so I do not hold alot of faith in palm reading and such as the Devil has always been the “Father of Lies” just like Jesus Christ stated in the Holy Bible. I really think a new approach to witnesses should be considered. Have a wonderful Sunday

  141. One last comment to family or friends about Navy Ship logs. Do this research yourself and try to request to examine ships log yourself as a lot of “blow off” attitudes exist in any Military when having to work at some 1973 request to examine ship logs. These logs just like Coast Guard logs are microfilmed and never discarded. If you want an example look at Amelia Earharts case that i researched awhile back. The Coast Guard ship log from 1920s that was supposed to resupply on One of our Island territories (Howard island i think); That old log still exists. The Navy has a very strict policy on ships logs and most Navy personnel will tell you they receive very specific training in what and how to enter into log books. I am driven by “common Sense” in all things and I really think the drowning story should be looked at in much more detail. Must be the Seabee in me.

  142. If the orange or red VW van yellow tag on the picture of Watkins Glen summer jam could be expanded by law enforcement or maybe Family could talk with a photography expert to see how to read what might be a Yellow PA tag on orange or red VW van. It sits in line of vehicles near a building and a fenced in area and a couple people in long distance photo might even resemble the two of them next to a fence. A camper exists in photo also. If that tag can be traced to a address on a Military installation then you could research PA department of transportation to try to get a name of owner to talk to that person. Just type in search engine and a bunch of watkins glen photos will come up I did it several times and that photo always appeared as I was trying to find ways to enhance tag. I event tried a magnifying glass although no success. I can only say it is VW van with what looks like white curtains and yellow tag. Pennsylvania has used yellow tags as far as I can remember. Anyone with better knowledge than I should maybe see if you can determine tag by enhancing and expanding photo of van in row of vehicles in fenced in area near a building

  143. Is there any way the new AI technology could be used to compare the known photo against the myriad ones from the festival to see if they show up in any of the images? This might narrow down whether they actually made it to the event or not.

  144. I see that as we get further and further away the anniversary of the 50-year mark of this, fewer and fewer thoughts are being posted. I really do believe that often in matters of this nature, despite how painful it has to be for the families of the victims, there really will be people taking possible facts to the grave with them. Also, after 50 years, any possible witness or even just someone who could have seen anything that could help this case, is going to have problems remembering. This case is just so very dated. I’ve never read of any physical evidence at all collected about it. I can only pray for the victim’s families, that they somehow find peace, but again with so little to truly go on here and the great span of years, I think this may always be an unsolved tragedy.

  145. Let’s hope the publicity and New York Governor Kathy Hochul’s directive to law enforcement to re-examine the case of Mitchel Weiser and Bonnie Bickwit, two Brooklyn, NY teens who vanished 50 years ago on their way to Summer Jam – the world’s biggest rock concert featuring the Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers and The Band – will lead to a joint state-federal task force that will finally resolve this tragic mystery.

  146. I didn’t know about this case. I’ve heard speak about it in a YT podcast the last weekend. I’m so sorry for this family … I hope the children are in peace, but they need justice and we have to know the true. Sorry for my english.
    Soley from Switzerland

  147. Hadden Clark speaks about Bonnie and Mitch on ‘Murder Phone’ (podcast). He was in contact with Tony Ciaglia for many years. The episodes on this are in Season 2, earlier episodes.

    Thank you
    My prayers are for your family.


  148. Wow…it’s been 50 years since I went to Watkins Glen? Never heard about this tragic story before but a few years before that, when I was in high school on Long Island, some psycho picked up my schoolmate Eileen on the L.I. Expy and raped and strangled her. She was a beautiful hippie type and had cut school that day to hitch into Manhattan. I still remember her funeral because they had put make-up on her neck and by the afternoon of the wake, the strangle marks of the killer’s hands turned black & blue and were showing thru. I didn’t go to another funeral for 30 years after that.

    So, despite the late-‘60s/early ‘70s “Peace & Love,” there were still some very sick people out there….like the Manson Family. I once picked up a hitch-hiker on LI and he pulled a knife on me, saying he needed to get to the Babylon train station “fast,” so I said “Yeah..sure.” Fortunately, he got out without incident. I also hitch-hiker from SUNY Brockport to Long Island, with a friend on St. Patrick’s Day….in a blizzard….just to see if I could do it, after reading Jack Kerouac. I wouldn’t recommend it nowadays. It’s sad how society has devolved.

    The things that seems so odd about your friends disappearing, is that it was SO “opposite: my memories from that same weekend. I went with two other pals. We actually had to take the tires off my car and the battery out of the other guy’s car, just to get our third friend’s Valient in shape to make the drive. We barely had enough gas money, plus we all chipped in like $25 each and put the one guy in charge if buying food for the weekend. I remember opening the trunk the next day at Watkins Glen, once we’d gotten hungry. He’d bought four cases if beer, a couple loaves of bread, peanut butter and jelly! I can’t remember which one of us smacked him in the head first. But, on the drive up, as we got close to Watkins Glen around 1 a.m., the roads were jammed with cars, so we cut off onto a side road in a heavily wooded area. Damned if we didn’t end up driving right thru a gate that turned out to be the stage entrance, right in front of the stage! So, we pulled up the nearest hillside and pitched our tent and went to sleep. The next morning, we hear our names being called out. We looked outside and it was three girls from where we worked, who had wanted to go with us but we’d said, “no.” We thought it was SO bizarre that, out of 600,000 people, they had immediately found us….asleep in a tent?!? So, that makes it even stranger that two people who tried to hitch-hike to Watkins Glen, have never been seen again in 50 years.

    Has anyone ever tried one of those “psychics” to try and retrace their route? After so long, I would be open to trying anything. Were they the types to maybe “run off to Canada..and live happily ever after?” Hoping for some positive outcome, maybe. I do hope you get closure.

    Watkins Glen is a fond memory for me. We made it home, with the three girls from work with us. i ended up with a career in the music business, with a friend managing The Allman Brothers for some 30 years. Ironically, I also found myself back at Watkins Glen the following year, to drive in the U.S. Grand Prix. But it is sure a sad thing to hear that two kids never made it home. I wonder if they may have made it to the event and then disappeared on the way home? I still think reaching out to a reputable psychic who specializes in this type of thing might be a good option at this point. I have a roll or two of shots from the weekend, if you want to look though them. I would have to pull out the old B&W negatives.

    • Thanks for your comments. Several psychics have been involved over the years with no results. We’d appreciate if you get distribute these reports to the rest of the rock community – particularly the Allmans, Dead and Band fans who may remember something/anything. For more details see my Rolling Stone piece in August.

  149. I think that they are both a victim of a serial killer could be Gary ridgeway anything is possible please email me back i am not a homicide investigation I do this as a hobby

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